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Welcome to our Houston, Texas page. We provide listings of rental assistance programs.

Qualified rental assistance programs include non-profit organizations that provide emergency cash for tenants as well as government agencies providing long-term rental subsidies.

Many programs also provide other services such as utility payment assistance, water payment assistance, electric payment assistance, holiday assistance, medical bill pay assistance, food assistance, etc. We provide these details on our details page.

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Rent Assistance

There are 12 Rental Assistance Programs in or near Houston, TX
Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM)

Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) - Houston

Houston, TX - 77080
(713) 468-4516
Rent and Utility AssistanceHelps to pay rent and essential utilities for families in danger of eviction or utility cut-off. Clients seeking assistance with rent, or a water or gas bill, must schedule an appointment to be seen.  Call 713-574-7533 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday to set up an appointment. Assistance is not currently available
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Bering Omega Community Services

Bering Omega Community Services - Houston

Houston, TX - 77006
(713) 341-3767
Housing Assistance
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The Salvation Army of Houston

The Salvation Army of Houston - Houston

Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 752-0677
Housing for Families At Risk of Ho
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Gulf Coast Community Service Association

Gulf Coast Community Service Association - Houston

Houston, TX - 77054
(713) 393-4700
GCCSA provides emergency rental and utility assistance to those families and individuals in a financial crisis.
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Brentwood Community Foundation

Brentwood Community Foundation - Houston

Houston, TX - 77045
(713) 852-1452
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HIV/AIDS Programs Project WAITT provides th
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The Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) provides financial assistance in special crisis situations so clients can maintain consistent residency and standard living conditions by paying for rent and utilities.The program is staffed Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and every Saturday from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon at 3434 Branard Street. In 2016, Emergency Services-Central se
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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church - Houston

Houston, TX - 77025
(713) 667-9111
The St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church offers one-time financial assistance for basic needs such as rent and utilities.
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Northwest Assistance Ministries

Northwest Assistance Ministries - Houston

Houston, TX - 77090
(281) 583-5600
The Emergency Basic Needs Program offers a variety of emergency services including food, prescriptions (non-narcotic), gasoline vouchers, bus tokens, clothing, financial help with rent/mortgage, school supplies, and holiday food and toys. NAM’s Assistance Program does
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West Houston Assistance Ministries, Inc.

West Houston Assistance Ministries, Inc. - Houston

Houston, TX - 77042
(713) 977-9942
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCEFamilies often seek help when they have reached the point of crisis and have nowhere else to turn. WHAM is here to care for neighbors and make sure they can get the support needed to maintain shelter and food. Families can receive rental and utilities funding, clothing vouchers and eye glass exams, and holiday gifts.Person
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Wesley Community Center

Wesley Community Center - Houston

Houston, TX - 77009
(713) 223-8131
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Adult and Family Services – Emergency AssistanceDepending on the availability of fund, our Emergency Assistance progra
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Assistance is available to persons who find themselves in a sudden financial crisis and who as a result cannot pay their rent and/or
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Assistance may include food, clothing, furniture, rent, utility, transportation, medical, emotional and spiritual support.  The ultimate goal is to meet emergency or basic needs, keep families together by preventing homelessness and promoting self-sufficiency.  94 cents of every dollar don
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