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Welcome to our Houston, Texas page. We provide listings of rental assistance programs.

Qualified rental assistance programs include non-profit organizations that provide emergency cash for tenants as well as government agencies providing long-term rental subsidies.

Many programs also provide other services such as utility payment assistance, water payment assistance, electric payment assistance, holiday assistance, medical bill pay assistance, food assistance, etc. We provide these details on our details page.

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There are 27 Rental Assistance Programs in or near Houston, TX
Houston Housing Authority Section 8

Houston Housing Authority Section 8 - Houston

Houston, TX - 77057
(713) 260-0650
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Housing Choice Voucher Program Hours (by appointment only): Monday, Wednesday & Friday (8:00am - 5:00pm) Tuesdays & Thursdays (8:00am - 12:00pm)
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Community Assistance Ministries or CAMs are 501(c)(3) emergency service providers and have served neighbors in need since the early 1980’s. They were started by coalitions of congregations and remain faith-based in mission and vision, yet do not require a statement of faith or participation in religious activity as a condition for receiving services.
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Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM)

Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) - Houston

Houston, TX - 77080
Memorial Assistance Ministries provides emergency financial assistance along with many other services for families and individuals who are in temporary crisis and in need of assistance to maintain self sufficiency and avoid homelessness.
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Bering Omega Community Services

Bering Omega Community Services - Houston

Houston, TX - 77254
(713) 529-6071
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Residential housing assistance, rent assistance.
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In the manner taught to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, Catholic New Creation, Inc. holistically transforms returning offenders into individuals who are responsible, altruistic and law abiding community leaders. This is accomplished by providing long-term mentoring, educational assistance, financial support, housing, employment facilitation, spiritual counseling, substance abuse classes, and lifelong
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Daya Inc

Daya Inc - Houston

Houston, TX - 77257

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DAYA aims to promote healthy family relationships in the South-Asian community by increasing awareness and providing peer support, counselling, referrals and financial assistance to women and children who are in crisis yet trying to build better lives for themselves.
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Assistance to Veterans of Foreign Wars
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Religious organization set forth to establish and provide worship services and Bible training for the community.
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The mission at SEARCH Homeless Services is: Providing hope, creating opportunity, and transforming lives.SEARCH has led the way by creating programs to meet the needs of homeless persons. While other agencies have followed our lead and have also created similar services as the needs arose, SEARCH remains in the forefront of service delivery, adding most value in the high quality, outcomes driven
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Wam Foundation

Wam Foundation - Houston

Houston, TX - 77045

Assist HIV Infected Persons
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Emergency Aid Coalition

Emergency Aid Coalition - Houston

Houston, TX - 77004

No longer provides rental assistance
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These grants provide housing, food & taxi cab vouchers, short-term rent, mortgage and utility assistance to HIV infected individuals. The goals are to provide: Food and related grocery items Short-term rent, mortgage and utility assistance Provide shelter, counseling and support for individuals who have exhausted all financial assistance avenues Provide health promotion, preventive health measures
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The mission of the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) is to serve the poor, hungry, disabled, and otherwise needy while respecting their religious, ethnic, or cultural differences.
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Ecumenical Ministries Of Southwest Harris County Dba Southwest Area Ministries was founded in 1985 by a coalition of area churches to serve those in need in greater Southwest Houston by providing food, clothing, shelter and other assistance with love and compassion, without judging, while affirming and promoting human dignity. Financial assistance to families in making rent and utility payments
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Women In Poverty

Women In Poverty - Houston

Houston, TX - 77071
(713) 882-3640
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These grants meet the needs of women who are employed but who have no savings to enable them to come up with cash for first and last month s rent and utility deposits in order to lease a dwelling. Women in Poverty is designed to provide one-time grants to such women who either apply directly or are referred by someone who knows their situation. All funds donated go directly to t
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Asset Building Network

Asset Building Network - Houston

Houston, TX - 77271
(713) 776-3925
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Our Mission: To build and restore individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency through case management services, providing advocacy, counseling, education, and information and referral.Asset Building Network, Inc. exists to help children and adults living inpoverty survive and thrive in spite of their circumstances. The vastmajority of our clientele are survivors of hurricanes Katrina and
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Start Again Ministries Inc

Start Again Ministries Inc - Houston

Houston, TX - 77269
(832) 553-2988
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The mission of Start Again Ministries is to support the spreading of the Gospel by giving aid and support to persons in need by utilizing the talents, abilities, and materials available to meet any need, anywhere.
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The mission of BCAM is to provide assistance to those in crisis, with the goal of improving their quality of life and moving them to self sufficiency. BCAM recognizes that many families facing crisis experience multiple and interrelated problems. Acknowledging the individual needs of each family, BCAM tailors the appropriate services to fit those specific needs.
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To serve God as an outreach of the member churches by providing emergency assistance and other services for the needy. For over twenty years, Memorial Assistance Ministries has provided help and referrals to our neighbors in need.
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Bread Of Life, Inc.

Bread Of Life, Inc. - Houston

Houston, TX - 77003
(713) 659-3237
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Provides a food pantry and payment assistance for rent and mortgage. In a country as abundant as ours, millions of adults, hard working families with children and seniors are forced to make choices between everyday necessities, like rent, utilities or medicine, and food.
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Community Family Centers

Community Family Centers - Houston

Houston, TX - 77012
(713) 923-2316
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Provides rent, mortgage, and food assistance.
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Covenant House Texas

Covenant House Texas - Houston

Houston, TX - 77006
(713) 523-2231
Anonymous HIV testing, confidential HIV testing, STD testing, prevention counseling, individual ongoing counseling not prevention counseling, health education/risk reduction, HIV prevention education, STD prevention education, street outreach, peer education, case management for HIV/AIDS, nurse on site, physician on site, pregnancy testing, prescription assistance, dental care, substance abuse int
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Larkin Community Center

Larkin Community Center - Houston

Houston, TX - 77007
(713) 869-9143
Mon-Fri 7:00am-6:00pm. The Center helps with Utility and Rent Assistance on a limited basis. Special attention given to Senior Citizens and families with children.
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Hours: Mon 9:30am-11:30am Rent Subsidy Programs - Rent Subsidies - Rent Banks - Rent Assistance - Rental Housing Subsidies - Rental Assistance - They take the first 12 people in line daily.
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