Kentucky Rental Assistance Program Offices

Find free resources to help you pay your bills and rent.

We provide listings of local and state government, faith-based, and non-profit rental assistance programs.

We provide the details of these offices to save you time in your search for help. Our details include names, addresses, frequently asked questions, qualifications, etc where we can find them.

Rental Assistance oftentimes includes other types of bill payment assistance along with the rent assistance. We provide you with these details.

Choose from the links below to find rent assistance in Kentucky

Apartments, American Village

3700 W Wheatmore Dr
Louisville, KY - 40215
(502) 368-1674

Apartments, Berrytown

12424 Hersfield Rd
Louisville, KY - 40223
(502) 245-6593

Apartments, California Square Apartments

1600 Garland Ave
Louisville, KY - 40210
(502) 589-2023

Apartments, Cedars

2223 Magazine St
Louisville, KY - 40211
(502) 778-6616

Apartments, Community Towers, Metropolitan Community Development

2526 W Madison St
Louisville, KY - 40211
(502) 772-2589

Apartments, Flaget

4410 River Park Dr
Louisville, KY - 40211
(502) 776-7506

Apartments, Hallmark Plaza Apartments

1797 Wilart Dr
Louisville, KY - 40210
(502) 772-2249

Apartments, J O Blanton House

850 W Muhammad Ali Blvd
Louisville, KY - 40203
(502) 587-1259

Apartments, Portland

3400 Portland Plaza
Louisville, KY - 40212
(502) 774-3200

Apartments, Puritan

1244 S 4th St
Louisville, KY - 40203
(502) 634-4731

Kentucky Rent Assistance Help

Local Government Rent Assistance

Information on how to find rent assistance from local governments.

Faith Based Rent Assistance

Local lists of churches and religious organizations that help with rent.

Non Profit Help

Nationwide list of non-profit rental assistance programs and help that most people do not even know exist.