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Salvation Army of San Diego

The Salvation Army of San Diego provides safe shelter to nearly 30,000 people every night through a variety of programs. One program they have is the Coordinated Assistance through Residential Stability (CARS) is designed to assist first-time homeless individuals and couples to obtain stability and full-time employment with the goal of transitioning back into stable permanent housing. Opening in in 2006, CARS operates 8 rooms at a single room occupancy (SRO) hotel. Clients are provided comprehensive case management.  Clients must be alcohol and drug-free and be willing to work full-time. They also provide the Shelter Transitional Employment Program Services (STEPS) provides homeless clients with the tools necessary to become self-sufficient. Clients are provided with transitional shelter and taught the skills necessary to seek, obtain, and maintain employment. STEPS prepares each client with the knowledge required for success in independent living. Clients may remain in the program up to one year. Clients must be alcohol and drug-free and be willing to work full-time. Another program is the Homeless Outreach. They provide a team of outreach workers who visit pre-established sites frequented by the homeless population, i.e. parks, beaches, feeding sites, areas surrounding shelters, and occasionally churches. They help provide information on various social service resources for housing, mental health, job training programs, drug and alcohol treatment, case management, food, clothing, financial assistance, transportation and other services.  Finally there is a Family Service Programs. It assists families in need by providing food, housing and utility assistance.

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    I need help with my rental deposit. Im able to pay the rent but can't cover the deposit

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    I need some type of rental assistance. I lost my job and need some assistance to pay rent. Is there anything you can assist me with?

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