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Community Services:

  • In our ten counties, our offices offer many services that help out.

Each district has a special staff member who can assist those who have experienced difficulties in their lives by assessing both the need and the solution to their current situation.

Often, the immediate situation is too overwhelming to focus on longer-term goals in their lives.

This is where ACTION, Inc. can help.

Our services may include assistance with rent payments, mortgages and energy bills due to unforeseen difficulties.

Applications are by appointment only and can be made by calling the office in the county where you live.

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  • Reply User   2019-09-22 16:22:05

    I am between jobs with medical condition and trying to get back in the work force. I am currently homeless. Seventy-five years old. Receive 857.00 SSA benefits and have pressing debts of approximately $100,000. I am homeless because the KY appointed a guardian over my wife and he sold our home from under me and left me homeless. I may be entitled to some assistance via the United States Attorney's office under the Elderly Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act, P.L. No. 115.70, but the KY USA office has not been helpful so I am contacting the USA's office in Atlanta.

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