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  • Reply User   2020-02-07 16:37:19

    Hello my name is William, its currently fri, 5:07 pm. And me and my girlfriend got evicted today because we where behind on are rent. The reason we where late. Was because I had to take off from work back in August 16,2019 because I got rearend and my truck was totaled and my knee was hurt and I had a real bad concussion. So I hired a lawyer and they took my case and I just spoke with them last week and there waiting on 1 more document and then they can file. But my partner had a job and was paying everything and it was hard but we made it until out of know where they started garnishing her wages for a old hospital bill they didnt even call and later us try to make payment arrangements. So then we got behind on rent we always paid the rent but it wasnt on time. We told the landlord the situation and for the last 3 months we had a verbal agreement that as long as we paid the late fee it would bbe

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