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Medbank Of Maryland Inc

Due to the high cost of prescription medicine and the lack of prescription insurance coverage, many people face the decision every day of whether to pay their rent, buy food, or buy needed prescription medicine. Medbank of maryland, inc. (MEDBANK) assists eligible patients in navigating the complex application processes for over 150 pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs that provide free medicines. MEDBANK patients have limited financial means, limited or no prescription insurance, and therefore, cannot afford their necessary prescription medications. The typical MEDBANK patient has a monthly income of $1,276, or 133% of the Federal Poverty Level. Furthermore, some patients may start out with resources, but due to the chronic nature of their illness, many become indigent and/or disabled, without coverage for medications. Underinsured and uninsured patients are unable to comply with their physician prescribed medication protocol and return to the health care system sicker and often requiring more expensive treatment. Without MEDBANK, our patients would have no way of accessing medications that are vital to their health.

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    I am 2 months behind in monthly payments because of misunderstanding Bank account number.

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