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Hemophilia Of North Carolina

Financial Assistance Program The Hemophilia of North Carolina (HNC) Financial Assistance Program is part of HNC's continuing effort to improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders. This Program provides funds to eligible individuals and families who need assistance with: Expenses incurred in the care, treatment, or prevention of a bleeding disorder, and/orBasic living expense emergencies. (Rent,Utilities, Food, Clothing, Etc.)Note: This program is intended to help individuals and families who have exhausted all other sources of assistance and for whom no other funds are available.  Eligibility:To be eligible for this program you must meet the following criteria: You must be a resident of North Carolina; OR receive treatment from one of the three (3) federally funded Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) within North Carolina: Wake Forest University School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, and the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine.You must be the parent or caregiver of a minor child who lives in your home and who has a diagnosis of a bleeding disorder; OR be an individual with a diagnosis of a bleeding disorder.You must have requested assistance from TWO (2) other agencies before applying to HNC, and provide contact information for those agencies and the status of your requests.You must complete all sections of the application thoroughly and accurately. (If a question does not apply, it should be marked Not Applicable [N/A]).Exceptions: HNC employees and members of the HNC Board of Directors are not eligible for financial assistance.

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