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Together, Inc. Of Metropolitan Omaha

Together, Inc., began in 1975 as a response to a local disaster. Local churches, recognizing a number of unmet needs in the midst of the disaster opened up a receiving and distribution center. For more than twenty-nine years, Together has continued to feed, clothe and help with housing and medicine, persons in the Omaha area who experience unexpected crisis. Faith groups continue to play an important role through donation of in-kind gifts and financial support. Together s is to ensure that no family or individual in Omaha be denied the basic neccessities of life. Rent, including first month s rent, and mortgage assistance are available seasonally when there is funding available. Clients in need of rent/mortgage assistance must come to Together, Inc. during client hours, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am-1pm, and Tuesday 9am-7pm. Please bring two forms of identification, proof of current address, proof of income, and your 3-day notice. For more information, please call (402) 345-8047. Guidelines for rental assistance: Residents of Douglas County only We will NOT pay deposits or late fees We will only pay one month. Client must pay or make arrangements to pay if they are more than one month behind in rent/mortgage payments. For first month s rent: Provide proof of current or pending income Rent must not be more than 50% of total household income For past due or mortgage assistance: Provide proof of current or pending income Provide 3-day notice from landlord or mortgage company (message can be left prior to obtaining this if client knows they will be unable to pay for that month)

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  • Reply User   2019-12-16 06:54:54

    Hello. I'm looking to get some help with my rent. My husband does work, but we have had some unexpected expenses that have caused us to get behind in our bills. We don't usually need help, but we are getting desperate. I'm sure there are more people who are more deserving of your help and who need it more, but we really need just a little but of help. Please I don't know what else to do. Thank you!

  • Reply User   2020-08-03 16:44:05

    I lost my job a few weeks ago and if I don't have my rent in by Wednesday the fifth I will be evicted. I have called every resource I could find and every where is a dead end. please help. my rent is only 350.thank u.

  • Reply User   2020-09-05 20:34:45

    I need help paying my rent October I will restart working back September 28, 2020 my job at Big Mikes Catering Inc. I just need help this once and I will be able to pay my rent please help me. Thanks God Bless!

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