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Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

They are an organization formed and led by breast cancer survivors. Our goal is to eradicate breast cancer by leading the effort to focus our communities, research institutions, the news media and consumer advocates on breast cancer. Like NBCC, the Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition Fund will work to inform, train and direct breast cancer patients and concerned others in knowledgeable and effective patient and research advocacy efforts at all levels. They recognize that the process of curing and eradicating breast cancer involves access to quality health care, patient education and support, improved funding for research as well as consumer awareness. They have an education and advocacy network in the northern Ohio area and work to educate and assist women living with breast cancer to achieve the following goals: - To promote research through increased funding, improved research and recruitment and training of scientists - To improve access to high-quality screening, diagnosis, treatment and care for all women, particularly the underserved and uninsured, through change in the regulation and delivery of breast health care - To facilitate the involvement and influence of those living with breast cancer in the northern Ohio area in improving access to quality health care, as well as involvement in aspects of clinical trial design, including access to clinical trials

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