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Bristol Faith in Action

Bristol Faith in Action provides:  Utilities and Rent Mortgage Payment  Prescription Assistance Debt/Budget counseling Free medical care  What to Bring:  Clients must provide photo ID Social Security cards for every member of the household For utility assistance, a copy of your delinquent bill or bill due within 4-5 days. For housing assistance, a copy of lease and landlord's name, address, telephone number, and proof of property ownership or individual andlords. For prescription assistance, client must provide prescription or empty bottle for refillable prescription.

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  • How do I get an application to qualify?

  • Can I get cash assistance quickly? How long does it take?

  • Are they still offering rent assistance here?

  • Can a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

  • What type of documentation do I need to apply for assistance?

  • Reply User   2020-04-17 17:31:13

    My purse with all my info was stolen and I can't pay my rent of $80 to the BRHA and I wanted to no if u all could help me with rent plz thank you Christina Arnold

  • Reply User   2021-01-04 16:49:20

    I'm trying to find a apartment

  • Reply User   2021-10-09 23:28:18

    Do you help in Unicoi?

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