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Rental Assistance Help in San Bernardino, California

Welcome to our San Bernardino, California page. We provide listings of rental assistance programs.

Qualified rental assistance programs include non-profit organizations that provide emergency cash for tenants as well as government agencies providing long-term rental subsidies.

Many programs also provide other services such as utility payment assistance, water payment assistance, electric payment assistance, holiday assistance, medical bill pay assistance, food assistance, etc. We provide these details on our details page.

There are 8 Rental Assistance Programs in San Bernardino, CA
  1. Community Action Partnership San Bernardino

    Community Action Partnership San Bernardino - San Bernardino

    696 S. Tippecanoe Ave

    San Bernardino, CA - 92408
    (800) 635-4618

    Community Action Partnership San Bernardino provides home utility assistance is provided in the form of a credit on your utility bill for gas, electric, wood or propane. Also they have two rental/mortgage assistance programs: Eviction PreventionRapid Rehousing (New Rentals) see details

  2. Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County - San Bernardino

    696 Tippecanoe Ave

    San Bernardino, CA - 92408
    (909) 723-1500

    Eviction Prevention Assistance - Assistance provided to prevent eviction from current housing. Following are the conditions that may possibly qualify someone for this service in addition to the general rental assistance eligibility requirements:* Must not be on Section 8 or live in subsidized housing.* Income CANNOT BE LESS than monthly rent.* At see details

  3. San Bernardino County

    San Bernardino County - San Bernardino

    715 E. Brier Drive

    San Bernardino, CA - 92408
    (909) 890-0644

    Services:Rental Assistance see details

  4. Clearpoint Financial Solution Inc.

    Clearpoint Financial Solution Inc. - San Bernardino

    242 E. Airport Drive Suite 210

    San Bernardino, CA - 92408
    (800) 947-3752

    Services:Rental assistance see details

  5. Catholic Charities

    Catholic Charities - San Bernardino

    1800 Western Ave Suite 107

    San Bernardino, CA - 92411
    (909) 880-3625

    Catholic Charities services:Rent aidCommunity assistance see details

  6. NID-HCA Inland Empire - San Bernardino

    2050 N Mt. Vernon Ave.

    San Bernardino, CA - 92411
    (909) 887-8700

    see details

  7. Time For Change Foundation

    Time For Change Foundation - San Bernardino

    1255 E. Highland Ave Suite 211

    San Bernardino, CA - 92404
    (909) 886-2994

    Time For Change Foundation helps prevent homelessness Include rent and utility assistance to residents of several San Bernardino County cities as a means of preventing homelessness. Their (WISH) Program addresses the problem of housing insecurity for families who are at risk of homelessness - they do this by providing rental assistance and utilities to client see details

  8. Rolling Start

    Rolling Start - San Bernardino

    1955 Hunts Lane #101

    San Bernardino, CA - 92408
    (909) 890-9516

    Services:Rental assistance see details

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