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Rapid rehousing for women and families Financial support with first and last month’s rent, utilities, etc. How to apply: WISEPlace conducts open interviews every Wednesday from 9:30 – 11:00 am. Appointments are not needed during this time. For additional information, please call (714) 542-3577 to reach one of our team members.

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  • How do I get an application to qualify?

  • Can I get cash assistance quickly? How long does it take?

  • Are they still offering rent assistance here?

  • Can a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

  • What type of documentation do I need to apply for assistance?

  • Reply User   2019-04-08 14:30:13

    I am in need ASAP for an emergency situation, I am a single mother and I need help with first and last months rent

  • Reply User   2020-07-23 10:59:52

    I’m single mother, rent a house living with my mother 90 years old & my daughter college student, we all share to pay rent. How to apply for rent assistance? How to know am I eligible?

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