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Colorado Assistance Center Inc

Colorado Assistance Center Inc offers Cash assistance as well as rental assistance that is provided on an emergency basis.

Food and clothing are also provided for free on an emergency basis for the needy.

  • Reply User   2020-01-20 13:48:49

    I am in desperate need of rent assistance... I was robbed while at home back in June I have since been suffering and scared to be in public and list my job and recently started working again but after 3 months of not working my rent has gotten behind and my utilities I am selling help with my rent now that I got confirmation on Friday that these person who robbed me and threatened me is in prison and sentenced to 8 years I now feel I can go out in public again and live a normal life without watching over my shoulder but my place of living wants to throw me out now for back rent. I need help

  • Reply User   2021-07-05 17:47:45

    I recently lost my job and have been unemployed now for over a month. The unemployment office still hasn’t processed my benefits. My rent was due so I’m late. I’m a single mother of two children and a cat and dog. I recently wrecked my car and have been borrowing my son in laws truck.

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