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Mercy Housing

Mercy Housing participates in the development, preservation, management and financing of affordable, program-enriched housing located nationwide.

Provide rental housing for low-income families, seniors and people with special needs.

Mission Statement: To create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities by developing, financing, and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families, seniors, and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities.

  • Reply User   2019-05-26 18:47:34

    Hello, I pay 60% of my income to rent. I struggled to pay rent on time last month, because I had to pay state taxes. I am faced with the same dilemma on June 1, 2019. Because I borrowed money to pay rent and had to pay it back. Can your program offer a one time assistance with paying rent on he first>

  • Reply User   2019-06-12 08:25:08

    Good morning am looking for help with rent

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