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Friendship Place

Friendship Place offers the most effective model for addressing homelessness, with innovative, customized programs that empower participants to rebuild their lives, find homes, get jobs and reconnect with friends, family and the community, permanently. They had Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) programs for families and  indivduals. Participants receive long-term case management support to ensure housing stabilization, a maximum level of self-sufficiency, and an overall better quality of life.  In Neighbors First Individuals they empower highly-vulnerable individuals who are experiencing chronic homelessness together with a serious disability (such as mental health challenges, addictions, or physical illnesses) to transition into housing and begin rebuilding their lives. Neighbors First Individuals, unlike Neighbors First Families, serves single adults.  Neighbors First Individuals follows the Housing First model, which removes all barriers to housing, including sobriety requirements, and places participants directly into their own apartments from the street or shelters using a scattered site approach. Once housed, wraparound case management support addresses the medical, psychiatric, substance use, and/or employment needs of the participant. Neighbors First Families  supports for highly-vulnerable, chronically homeless families. All participants in the program are provided with permanent housing—along with comprehensive long-term case management—to ensure a better quality of life and stability. Our case managers serve the needs of each member of the family. This can include help with individual goals, health, financial stability, education, reconnection with family, employment and more. Following the successful Housing First model, Neighbors First Families removes all barriers to housing for heads of households, such as unemployment or criminal record, and places families directly into their own apartments. Housing First is person-centered approach that welcomes participants “as they are” and allows them to drive the process. Once housed, wraparound case management supports them in applying for additional benefits, obtaining job training and/or finding employment. Participants are empowered to create sustainable budgets and are guided through a process to eventually graduate to housing stability and self-sufficiency.

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