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Turning Points

Turning Points program assists households facing the prospect of eviction and also men, women, and children who are trying to get into stable housing from homelessness. Requirements: To be eligible for financial assistance:  You have to document financial sustainability Verify you have been a resident in Manatee County for at least one month Your income must meet eligibility guidelines for the funding program that may assist you.

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  • How do I get an application to qualify?

  • Can I get cash assistance quickly? How long does it take?

  • Are they still offering rent assistance here?

  • Can a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

  • What type of documentation do I need to apply for assistance?

  • Reply User   2020-05-13 12:48:20

    Please help! my unemployment still hasn't started and my landlord told me today that I either pay my rent today or their evicting me. I paid up until April 30th but haven't had a paycheck since March and have been unable to pay may's rent.

  • Reply User   2020-05-25 09:52:48

    Please help! I am in the same situation as others! I had pulled myself out of a very dark and deep hole, and was doing okay while getting ready to save money, repair credit, and be able to breathe for once. As an Uber driver, when this virus hit, my business took a very big dive, and I have not worked since March 21! I am still waiting for unemployment, and my social security has been long gone to pay off some immediate and urgent bills that could not wait so I did not lose my health insurance, car insurance, etc. I never expected this pandemic, and the Florida Unemployment process to be so crippling. My May's lot rent (mobile home is paid for, so I stand to lose it all) was just $491; however, these managers have decided to charge late fees, so now I am facing a rent payment of over $1200. come June 1st. I do not anticipate having my unemployment figured out by then because of the way things have been going. I know this eviction moratorium expires on June 2, and many landlords are just sitting on ready to file in the courts. I am days away from surrendering my cats to have them put down at the shelter and walking away from all I own and living in my car. Thank you for whatever you can do to help!

  • Reply User   2020-09-01 08:25:10

    Need rental assistance

  • Reply User   2021-01-27 19:12:57

    I need help with my rent. I am actively searching for a job. I lost my job of 6 1/2 years on April 1, 2020, a very abrupt and not expected dismissal during a pandemic. I have been trying ever since that day to find a new position as I need a job to supplement my social security. I have been a Florida resident for 10 1/2 years, and never in all my life have I been in this kind of position where I would be out of my home. I need financial help for this not to happen.

  • Reply User   2021-02-17 14:37:41

    I need rental assistance, food assistance, how do I apply?

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