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FaithWorks is an organization founded by a consortium of area churches that combines resources to help needy residents of Newton County with emergency funds for housing (rent and mortgage) and utilities. FaithWorks is funded by 39 local churches, businesses and individuals. You can help by volunteering to serve in faithworks or by donating funds.  

  • Reply User   2019-08-28 05:46:44

    I'm in need for help a emergency on my mortgage and bills fall short

  • Reply User   2020-11-02 14:26:22

    Do Faith works help found a home for someone who is homeless, and living on the streets. I'm not afraid to admit this this individual person that I'm talking about is Me, I have no where to go I got a good payin job I just started but I been sleepin in my car for bout 2 weeks now . Please get back in touch with as soon as u can . Thanks.

  • Reply User   2020-10-14 10:30:25

    I sent my information over but haven’t heard anything back can someone please contact me. I have information that need to be given

  • Reply User   2021-03-05 16:49:18

    I need assistance paying my rent, about to be evicted.

  • Reply User   2021-04-28 15:03:45

    I have fallen short this month on rent with myself and my son keep getting sick with stomach flu and double ear infections. I have manage to try to start a job but then the employees there doesn't like me, and when a close family member died and i called out for ONE DAY she took my hours all week. I rely on my weekly pay.

  • Reply User   2021-06-07 07:28:06

    I'm homeless and I have my storage due, is there anyway y'all could help so I don't use my stuff. My boyfriend has brain cancer and seizure and waiting on disability. We have no in come. If you could pls let me know. We will to help do anything to get it paid. Thanks

  • Reply User   2021-06-25 13:31:06

    Seeking assistance with housing payments

  • Reply User   2021-07-09 20:03:44

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are struggling to pay our rent and get food.

  • Reply User   2021-09-27 00:31:19

    I’ve always been ahead on my payments never missed a payment nor was I late. I was taught to work hard and be proud of what you do. Life has taken me for a real whoozy, the past two years I have lost a lot and I’m so afraid my house will be nex,t idk what to do. I’m in over my head I have no job I spend most all day taken care of the house watching and doing things w the kids. I’m two months behind on all the bills and wasn’t able to pay my property taxes I am so ashamed I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

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