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Assistance, St Francis Xavier St Vincent de Paul

Assistance, St Francis Xavier St Vincent de Paul Provides advocacy, intervention, consultation, and financial assistance to individuals and families in need, primarily through food, rent and utility assistance. May also be able to provide assistance with gas cards and furniture.

Services are for Mt. Washington, Kentucky residents and can only be provided once a year.

Callers will need to leave a message with their name and number to receive a call back from a member of St. Vincent de paul.

  • Reply User   2021-02-02 03:17:12

    I'm 3 months behind on my rent, I'm have ask for help with this time and time again. I owe 750 all together and I need propane...for heat...I have no service the any gas place..I need to get some started....I have no income and it's just me in the household. I own my home but I rent the property it sets on and without the rent I'm having to move it out and I can' that means I'd have to walk away from my home and give it away...then I'll be homeless..everybody keeps saying they can't help with lot rent...WHY? it's just the same if I don't pay I'll be evicted..and if I can't move my home then I'll be giving it to the trailer park....why isn't there a program for people like me..I've had 1 check this month of 176.00 and it was my last unemployment check from the last WK in dec...change your guidelines please...

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