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Division of Community and Economic Development - ATLANTIC CITY

Division of Community and Economic Development - ATLANTIC CITY offers Homeless prevention and rapid relocation programme

The funding for this program is called the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP) and is distributed according to the formula for the Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) program.

Funding may also be provided to subgrantees serving persons outside the jurisdiction, subgrantees located outside the jurisdiction, and subgrantees serving multiple jurisdictions.
Grantees may establish more stringent requirements, such as requiring the use of HPRP funds within their jurisdictions or establishing residency requirements, but HUD has not established these requirements.

Counties served:
Atlantic County

  • Reply User   2020-07-12 11:39:48

    My family, myself , wife Donna, and daughter Gabrielle need help with rental assistance. I am currently disabled and on ssd. I am homeless and our family has been separated because of financial difficulties from my illness. We pray that we can be helped and reunited soon. We see Gabby every two weeks or so while she is staying with her older sister Nichole Boyle. We, family and friends, all want nothing more than our children to be healthy and happy. This would be the blessing of all blessings.

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