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Modest Needs Foundation - Grants

Modest Needs is a public charity that stops the cycle of poverty BEFORE it starts for the low-income workers. We do this by empowering compassionate members of the general public to safely and securely help hard-working, low-income households to afford short-term emergency expenses such as the unexpected car repair, the unanticipated visit to the doctor, or the unusually large heating bill. Modest Needs offers three types of grants: Self-Sufficiency Grants, Back-to-Work Grants, and Independent Living Grants. Applicants must complete an online questionnaire to help determine whether they qualify for assistance. Your household's total earned income must equal at least the cost of your monthly rental or mortgage plus $250, but not more than the cost of your monthly rental or mortgage plus $2500.00. Grants cannot be used to remit payment for regular expenses that an applicant can no longer afford due to a long-term reduction in income.

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