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Geauga county job and family services

Geauga county job and family services  provides security deposit, one month s rent, or a mortgage payment for eligible clients who are in danger of being evicted. Pays for prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs not covered by Medicaid or insurance, and helps pay for emergency medical or dental assistance.  Helps pay utility bills such as natural gas and electric, and will also pay for bulk fuel (oil/propane). Can provide gasoline money or transit vouchers for approved transportation needs only (such as: job interview, doctor s appointment). Annual monetary caps per household are as follows: One month s mortgage payment up to a maximum of $500 Security deposit or first month s rent $500, rental payment $400 Utility payment $500 Bulk fuel payment $500 (or minimum delivery amount) Gasoline assistance $35 (or Geauga Transit passes) Medical/prescription assistance $300 Clients are not guaranteed to receive maximum amount. HOW SERVICE IS PROVIDED: On-site WHO QUALIFIES: For all services must be a Geauga County resident at or below 125% Federal Poverty Guidelines. For security deposit, rental, or mortgage assistance: client must be at least 30 days behind with demonstrated ability to pay current and following month s rent. For utility assistance: must have been disconnected or be in threat of being disconnected. For medical/dental/prescription assistance: must be an emergency need (will not pay for past bills). HOURS OF SERVICE: M-F: 8:00am-4:30pm FEES: Free REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Photo I.D. and proof of income for all services. For rent assistance: proof of homelessness or impending homelessness (shelter letter, eviction notice, etc.); for mortgage assistance, documentation of reason(s) client is behind in payments. For medical assistance: documentation of medical need, insurance information if applicable. For utility assistance: a copy of current utility bill (must have account numbers for both gas and electric bills). HOW TO ACCESS: Phone for information and assistance M-F: 8:00am-4:30pm. SERVICE CONTACT PERSON: Receptionist will direct the caller.SUPPORTS FOR PERSONS WITH SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Will seek interpreters as needed. SITE DESCRIPTION: Government agency that promotes self-sufficiency and family stability by providing emergency financial assistance, employment services, child and adult protective services, child support services, Medicaid, food stamps, child development programming, and a wide variety of social services. TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS: Located on Ravenwood Dr. in the Chapman Job & Family Services Building, next to Geauga Hospital. WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY: ALL services accessible or available. This site has an accessible restroom.

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