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Golden Generation Students Association, Inc.

Golden generation student association inc. golden generation student association inc. is a non-profit, multiracial, non-denominational organization dedicated to the development of compassion and the spirit of charity in children and adults. To that end, we provide children, families, hospitals and schools with meaningful opportunities to help others in their local and global communities. We call it through the golden generation. GGSA operates on the belief that children are empowered by their contributions to the world around them. Through hands-on charity projects, children develop positive self-esteem, a sense of public purpose, and establish connections with human beings in diverse cultural and economic situations. Empowered children grow into empowered adults who initiate social improvements and make charity a lifestyle prediction. GGSA provides parents with opportunities to volunteer in their community and world as a family team. This is a resource for families which includes step-by-step projects, caring activities for kids, and resources to help parents teach their children about social issues such as non-morality, aging, and illness. All these programs are free for families. Any school, group or community center can sponsor and invite local youth to participate. We produce and distribute a small brochures and informational documentation which is sent to parents and families who they register.

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