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AID Atlanta, Inc.

Short-Term Financial Assistance* Short-term financial assistance for HIV+ individuals and families experiencing financial crisis.* Qualifying expenses include rent, mortgage and utilities such as gas, water and electricity.* Mortgages, deposits (Rental or Utility) first month rent, applications fees or moving experiences are not eligible expenses. This service is funded with federal appropriations made to the City of Atlanta’s Housing Opportunities for Persons living with AIDS (HOPWA) program.* Qualified applicants may receive assistance 21 out of 52 weeks and are approved based on individual circumstances and availability of funds.* Applicants are required to be case managed clients of AID Atlanta or a verifiable case management agency.* Applications are completed by AID Atlanta Case Managers or agency Case Manager that has received AID Atlanta STRMU Training.* Applicants must provide proof of demonstrated need, plan for self-sufficiency, medical status, current income verification from the past 30 days, and a copy of the invoice or bill for which the request is being made.

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