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Polk County Community, Family & Youth Services - General Assistance

Polk County Community, Family & Youth Services - General Assistance provides temporary assistance with basic and special needs to eligible residents of the Polk District. The General Assistance Office provides the following services: Clothing Travel assistance Furniture Funeral services Sanitary supplies Property tax assistance Area Served: Residence in Polk County Income Guidelines Applicant's circumstanc es If you are a veteran, please contact Veterinary Service at 515.286.3670. To apply for help, complete the application form and bring it to the General Assistance office or to find out more about our services, call us on 286-2088 or visit us and a social worker will determine your eligibility and/or help you look for additional resources.

  • Reply User   2020-04-23 09:27:55

    I Just relocated to Grimes & I would like to apply for rental assistance .

  • Reply User   2021-10-10 08:14:43

    I am trying to relocate to Urbandale Iowa from the state of Kansas & I would like to find out information regarding rental and deposit information.

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