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Mission Metroplex

Mission Arlington assists with partial rent payments in order to help families through a crisis, and/or to prevent a family from losing the stability that a home provides.

They also  work with utility companies to provide partial payments to help keep a family‚Äôs utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) on, so that they will be able to stay in the home.

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  • Reply User   2019-12-02 13:50:30

    I need fast help in paying for my rent.

  • Reply User   2019-10-14 14:01:15

    I have been unable to work for many months due to a medical condition. I'm in the process of trying to collect SS Disability. I am single and live alone in a mobile home in Arlington. The home is paid for but the lot rent is a little over $500 monthly. I've been struggling to come up with this rent and other bills such as my utilities since I have since I became unemployed. If it weren't for friends and family helping me out each month, I don't know what I would do. Please???? I need help.

  • Reply User   2019-10-21 18:40:46

    Can you help me pay my rent

  • Reply User   2020-03-19 02:15:14

    lost job need help with rent his month

  • Reply User   2020-10-05 14:39:18

    I need help with rent. Me and my husband. My husband could not work for a few weeks. And I got a ssi check. And someone stole all my money for rent. We need help with rent or we will lose our apartment.

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