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Welcome to our Lodi Village, Ohio page. We provide listings of rental assistance programs.

Qualified rental assistance programs include non-profit organizations that provide emergency cash for tenants as well as government agencies providing long-term rental subsidies.

Many programs also provide other services such as utility payment assistance, water payment assistance, electric payment assistance, holiday assistance, medical bill pay assistance, food assistance, etc. We provide these details on our details page.

There are 3 Rental Assistance Programs in Lodi Village, OH
  1. Lodi good samaritans

    Lodi good samaritans - Lodi Village

    104 Medina St.

    Lodi Village, OH - 44254
    (330) 948-1834

    see details

  2. Matthew 25 coalition - Lodi Village

    Confidential Address

    Lodi Village, OH - 44254
    (330) 948-1222

    Provides emergency financial assistance to people of Southwest Medina County. Provides assistance in mortgage payment, rent, utility bill payment and prescriptions. Client can only receive a maximum of $300 total per family in assistance. Will also provide hotel vouchers to transients in need of emergency shelter if funds are available.HOW SERVICE IS PROVIDED: On-site or by phone. Occasion see details

  3. Medina county veteran services - Lodi Village

    225 Elyria St.

    Lodi Village, OH - 44254
    (330) 722-9368

    Administers a direct emergency financial assistance voucher program for qualified veterans, spouses or dependent children. Assistance may vary per family and can include emergency assistance with food, rent, mortgage and utility bill payment.HOW SERVICE IS PROVIDED: On-siteWHO QUALIFIES: Must be a resident of Medina County for at least 3 months and have been honorably discharged from the militar see details

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